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Stick With Your Physical Therapy Program: It Will Be Worth It!

We know that when someone enters a physical therapy program, he or she is dealing with something that may not exactly be exciting or fun, or easy. In fact, it can be quite a disabling and exhausting ordeal to deal with. Physical Therapy We know that when you are dealing with a problem that debilitates

Occupational Therapy vs. Physical Therapy

When you’re working with numerous specialists during your rehabilitation journey, it can be confusing to keep track of what each person does. This is especially true if you’re not already familiar with each of the professions that are part of your rehabilitative team. In particular, many people are unsure about how physical therapists and occupational

Four Benefits Of Playing Music During Ventilator Weaning

Take a deep breath, now take another. Comes easy doesn't it? Sometimes we take things like this for granted, because it comes so naturally. When you have a loved one on a ventilator following serious injury or illness, that is a luxury that they simply don't have. If your loved one has reached a point

Can Recreation Therapy help in Brain Injury Recovery?

It's easy to take things for granted, we all do it from time to time, especially in our busy daily lives. Something that we tend to take for granted is our five senses. We use them all day, everyday, and if all of your senses have always worked, you probably have had no reason to

Skilled Nursing Facility in PA Provides Help to Patients with SMA

Skilled nursing facilities that provide care for individuals with degenerative neurological and neuromuscular diseases deal with a wide array of patients who are all facing different challenges. One disease that they often see is spinal muscular atrophy. On the surface it may seem like one disease but in reality, it comes in a handful of

Degenerative Neurological and Neuromuscular Disease Center Applauds Researchers

Degenerative Neurological and Neuromuscular Disease Center Applauds Researchers Here at Fox Subacute, we are always interested in learning about the latest breakthroughs in medicine.As a facility that specializes in degenerative neurological and neuromuscular disease, we  reviewed the January 2016 edition of Acta Neuropathologoca. It featured intriguing coverage of contemporary ALS research. Also known as amyotrophic

Brain Injury Treatment Centers and Sensor Breakthroughs

Staff members at brain injury treatment centers across America were undeniably hopeful after last year’s technology breakthroughs. One series of strides that piqued the curiosity of many was covered in Nature magazine. In the magazine, they took an in depth look at advancements in electronic sensors and what these sensors have to do with the

Welcome Dr. Cummings to the Fox Subacute Medical Staff

Fox Subacute welcomes Dr. Cary Cummings III to the Medical Staff of the Mechanicsburg facility Dr. Cummings is an accomplished medical professional. We are thrilled to work with him at our Mechanicsburg facility. Please review his certifications, and professional memberships, and hospital affiliations: SPECIAL CERTIFICATION: Board Eligible:    Internal Medicine - Critical Care - Nephrology  PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP: 1993-Present                          International

Open House – Fox Subacute Mechanicsburg March 30th

JOIN US FOR AN OPEN HOUSE IN MECHANICSBURG Please join us for an informative evening. We are excited to share with you how we have grown in our community and our plans of expansion for the future!  Drinks and appetizers will be served. Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 Time: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM  Location: Fox

How Recreation Therapy Helps Patients in a Nursing Facility

Recreation Therapy is a systemic process that uses several activities that are designed to assist the needs of patients with a degenerative neurological and neuromuscular disease. The treatment expedites physical and psychological recovery as well as a patient’s well-being. Most neuromuscular diseases are unfortunately incurable, however, recreation therapy can help patients maintain a quality of