If you’ve suffered a neurological injury, you may feel as if you’re no longer able to do the things you love. Recreation therapy is a rehabilitative therapy based on real world activities, and it’s a fantastic way to get back to doing what you love.

What Does Recreation Therapy Include?

0P4B0742You’re likely wary of intensive therapies, like physical and occupational therapy, that leave you tired and uncomfortable. While those therapies are certainly essential to your health and healing, recreational therapy is a life-based therapy that allows you to break up the monotony and enjoy yourself while also improving your neurological skills.

With a recreation therapist, you’ll find yourself working on a variety of tasks, from gardening to bicycling to painting. The beauty of recreation therapy is that the activities are based off of your interests and specific medical needs.

How Will I Benefit?

Not only does recreation therapy allow you to strengthen your body, it also allows you to strengthen your mind.

A neurological injury can be isolating, so it’s important that you actively work towards social interaction and participation in your community. When you take part in recreation therapy, you’ll enjoy the benefits of regular and continued interaction, and you’ll learn new ways of coping with your injury while out and about in the community.

If you’ve suffered a life changing neurological injury and are looking to get physically and mentally stronger, please contact Fox Subacute today. Our goal is to customize your care plans to your individual needs so you can get the most of care.