foxStaff members at brain injury treatment centers across America were undeniably hopeful after last year’s technology breakthroughs. One series of strides that piqued the curiosity of many was covered in Nature magazine. In the magazine, they took an in depth look at advancements in electronic sensors and what these sensors have to do with the future of brain injury treatment.

The answer may leave some folks confused. Many realize that the cache of equipment available to even the best brain injury treatment centers have an air of invasiveness about them. That is until last year when scientists began experimenting with increasingly non-invasive ways to use mankind’s existing knowledge about brain waves to their advantage.

Thanks to their foray, the daily monitoring facilities are known to provide their brain injury patients is likely to improve ten-fold, which is great news! So, why is daily monitoring of a patient suffering from a brain injury condition so important? Because it allows the skilled nursing staff to respond to potentially life threatening changes in real-time, thereby improving head trauma and the patient’s’ chances for survival.

For example, let’s say that a motorcycle accident victim receives a closed head injury and is rushed to an acute care facility. While there, the patient receives a non-invasive implant meant to monitor his brain’s health. Afterward, he is ushered out of the hospital’s step down unit into a skilled nursing home.

At the skilled nursing home, the patient’s health unfortunately, and inexplicably begins to fail and its decline is immediately recorded by the sensor. The sensor then communicates the patient’s falling vitals to the healthcare team. As such, they can rush to uncover the source of his decline and address it, which could prevent a hospital readmission, and more importantly, save the patient’s life.

Most advanced brain injury treatment centers are equipped to handle the advanced treatment of brain injured patients.  However, for those who require a longer term treatment option, Fox Subacute is a leader in post acute treatment and care.  

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