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Physical Therapy Can be a Great Addition to Your Loved One’s Health Care Treatments

Patients do not always adhere to their physical therapy regimens or sessions. Some people are not always aware of the various types of physical therapies and treatments that are available to them. Some patients become bored or they are not always engaged during a physical therapy session. Do you have a loved one who needs

Super Bowl 50: Are you Ready for some Football!?

It is the most wonderful time of the year, Super Bowl 50 is upon us! Here at Fox Subacute we are very excited for the Super Bowl to get underway. I mean who doesn't love spending the afternoon watching two of the very best teams compete for supremacy during the Super Bowl. In one corner we

Fox Subacute at Mechanicsburg – Bible Study

Just one of the exciting things happening in Fox Subacute at Mechanicsburg is Bible Study. Three gentlemen come to Fox faithfully, every Monday at 1:00 p.m. and they have been coming here for at least 4 years. They are from the Cedar Hill Baptist Church in Dillsburg, PA. Their names are Gerry, Creedin and Bud

Neuro-Sensory Stimulation for Alzheimer Patients

Neuro-sensory stimulation uses everyday objects to arouse the senses with the objective of evoking positive feelings. This therapy is used for treating chronic pain, autism, brain injuries, and Alzheimer’s. During a sensory stimulation session a patient has a desired sense stimulated in a predetermined fashion at a known frequency. According to research, this

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fox Subacute would like to say Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours.Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate and give thanks for what you have and your family and friends, and also it is a time of tradition. And what Thanksgiving tradition is more exciting than Macy's Thanksgiving day Parade. So we have put together

Fox Subacute Community Awareness/Activities

The Council Rock South Swim Team paid a visit to our residents today.  They came to distribute blankets that they made as part of a community project led by swim team mom Daphne Melekos, whose Father-in-Law was a resident at Fox 2 years ago.  The swimmers in addition to their rigorous training schedule completed about

Fox Subacute and CR South Community Affairs Event

High School Students Make a Positive Impact with Local Pulmonary Care Nursing HomeFox Subacute and Council Rock South Swim Team - Community Affairs EventOn Tuesday, March 31st at 1pm, Fox Subacute, the Leader in Care and Services for the Post-Acute Pulmonary Patient will host the Council Rock South Swim Team at the Warrington, PA facility.  Fox

Our Special Easter Project.

The residents at Fox are hard at work on a special Easter project.  They made Easter Bunny Baskets from clay pots which will be filled with goodies and given to a local nursery school class at their holiday party.