Improving Quality of Life in Post Acute Care

Improving Quality of Life in Post Acute CareAfter being released from a hospital, many patients are not well enough to return home. Most end up staying in post acute care facilities for varying lengths of time. Residential care facilities are excellent at addressing the medical needs of patients; however, many residential care facilities fail to

Post Acute Care and Advance Directives: Is Your Family Prepared?

Post Acute Care and Advance Directives: Is Your Family Prepared?Do your loved ones know how you feel about various forms of post acute care? For example, would you want to receive dialysis, specialized wound care, a tracheotomy, CPR or mechanical ventilation? No matter what you decide on those fronts, it’s critical that your family and healthcare

What is ALS? May is ALS Awareness Month

What is ALS? May is ALS Awareness Month So many of us participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  But since then, have you wondered what is ALS?  This infographic will help give you a great summary of the disease.   Did you know that 5000+ people are diagnosed with ALS each year and Military Veterans

Advances in Research May Further Improve MDA Patient Care in the Future

There have been a lot of scientific research stories appearing lately that have the potential to impact the future of MDA patient care. First, Duke University engineers released a video in February 2015 demonstrating advancements in biomedical engineering that they initially revealed in January 2015. The advancement involves scientists’ ability to grow human muscle tissue in laboratory settings. It is

Fox Subacute Community Awareness/Activities

The Council Rock South Swim Team paid a visit to our residents today.  They came to distribute blankets that they made as part of a community project led by swim team mom Daphne Melekos, whose Father-in-Law was a resident at Fox 2 years ago.  The swimmers in addition to their rigorous training schedule completed about

Fox Subacute and CR South Community Affairs Event

High School Students Make a Positive Impact with Local Pulmonary Care Nursing HomeFox Subacute and Council Rock South Swim Team - Community Affairs EventOn Tuesday, March 31st at 1pm, Fox Subacute, the Leader in Care and Services for the Post-Acute Pulmonary Patient will host the Council Rock South Swim Team at the Warrington, PA facility.  Fox

Brain Injury Awareness Month: How Ventilator Care May Improve Quality of Life

Brain Injury Awareness Month: How Ventilator Care May Improve Quality of Life As Brain Injury Awareness Month draws near (March), we wanted to talk about how receiving proper ventilator care may help people suffering from cerebral damage. When people sustain a brain injury, it is common for them to receive ventilator care. The care is traditionally given

Juan Molina, Respiratory Therapist Heartfelt Testimonial

Fox Subacute's Respiratory Therapist Juan Molina shares his story and experience.  We have many residents who speak Spanish.  Staff like Juan help to make the care much more special because residents can communicate in their native tongue, be heard, and connect with their care takers. Video:  Juan Molina   Looking for a Career?  Fox Subacute

ALS Awareness: Ice Bucket Challenge – with Video

ALS Awareness: ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE As you may have noticed, ALS awareness is incredibly high this week thanks to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the powers of social media! Here’s the challenge: Get filmed dumping a bucket of ice on your head and then challenge your friends to either do the same or donate