Your Loved One Skilled Nursing Facility’s Should Provide Adequate Transition Care

After your loved one has spent some time in a skilled nursing facility, he or she might need treatment and assistance when it is time for them to return home, but there is a very high chance that their home may not be on the same level of care that the nursing facility provided. After

Labor Day

Fox Subacute would like to wish everyone a relaxing Labor day!

Dedicated to Safety – Fox Subacute & Warrington Fire Dept

Warrington Fire Department Visits Fox Subacute On August 25, Fox Subacute welcomed the Warrington Fire Department. In our commitment to safety and enhanced community relations, Fox Subacute provided an external tour of the facility, some dinner and conversation with the Fox Subacute staff, including Vic Kostenko, Administrator at Warrington, and conducted a thorough internal tour. We thank

How Can You Choose The Right Skilled Nursing Facility For Your Loved One?

How Can You Choose The Right Skilled Nursing Facility For Your Loved One?A There will be a time when our parents or grandparents will need to be placed in a skilled nursing facility. Whether your loved one needs permanent care or temporary care, a skilled nursing facility will offer a variety of accommodations, recommendations, and

Short and Long Term Rehabilitation Services: An Important Part of Healing

When loved ones are in the hospital, it is common for discharge planners to approach them about short and long term rehabilitation services. But what are short and long term rehabilitation services? Why do so many people need them and where can families find them in Mechanicsburg, Plymouth Meeting and Warrington? Read on for our

Ventilator Weaning: Why Is It So Difficult For Many Patients?

Ventilator Weaning: Why Is It So Difficult For Many Patients?When people talk about ventilators and how to wean patients from the ventilator, there are plenty of opinions and advice on how ventilator weaning should be done. Many of the theories have been tested. It is definitely important to discuss any unpredictable factors that could have

Do I Need A Specialized Skilled Nursing Facility?

Do I Need A Specialized Skilled Nursing Facility?A skilled nursing facility, or SNF for short, cares for patients who may need to have medical care provided to them in a home environment, but may not exactly warrant full time hospitalization. Some patients are admitted to a SNF for many different reasons, such as: wound care,

Thanks to Fox Subacute Doctors from a past resident

Thanks to Fox Subacute Doctors from a past resident One of our past residents giving thanks to one of our doctors. In this heart warming video she shares how his patience and kindness helped her through her difficult situation. Watch below! https://youtu.be/5JPu-7RPRi0 [optin title="For more Information on Fox Subacute " text="Request a Tour Today "

Thanking The Doctors At Fox Subacute

Thanking The Doctors At Fox Subacute This week we would like to thank our doctors for all their hard work.Day after day they change the lives of others for the better. We are truly thankful for our hardworking, dedicated doctors. In this weeks video,one of our residents, Larry, send his love to the doctors of Fox

Coping Tips for Families from a Brain Injury Treatment Center

Coping Tips for Families of Brain Injury PatientsWhen someone you love experiences a traumatic brain injury, it creates a number of unexpected challenges. The first step is to locate a quality brain injury treatment center. Once you know your loved one is receiving the proper physical care for their injury, you can focus on the