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A Respite Care Facility Cares About Caregivers

Every year, there's a list that appears on the Internet: "The Five (or ten or twelve) Most Stressful Jobs." The jobs are predictable: firefighter, law enforcement officer, combat soldier and such. But there's one that rarely, if ever makes the list, yet deserves to rank near or at the top -- and that is a

Why Diabetic Monitoring Is Important During Ventilator Weaning

If your loved one has been diagnosed with diabetes, it is essential that they undergo diabetic monitoring during the ventilator weaning process. While glucose monitoring is routinely performed on all diabetic patients, it may be more acutely monitored when the ventilator-dependent patient is weaning off mechanical ventilation. Here are three reasons tight control over blood

The Path of Recovery for Trach and Ventilator patients

The inability to breath is one of the most frightening experiences a person can face. According to a report by the Herald-Tribune, the average adult takes about 12-20 breaths per minute and in a day’s time this can add up to around 23,040 breaths.  These statistics are astounding to say the least and reveal just

Four Benefits Of Playing Music During Ventilator Weaning

Take a deep breath, now take another. Comes easy doesn't it? Sometimes we take things like this for granted, because it comes so naturally. When you have a loved one on a ventilator following serious injury or illness, that is a luxury that they simply don't have. If your loved one has reached a point

Ventilator Weaning: Focus on Safety instead of Speed

When a loved one is on a ventilator often both the family and the patient are hopeful that the ventilator can be removed quickly. It is desirable for everyone and is considered evidence of recovery. This thought process typically makes families and patients push for a quick ventilator weaning. However, quick weaning may not be

Treating Trach and Ventilator Patients With the Sensitive Care They Need

Fox Subacute understands the sensitive medical care subacute patients need and has been providing sophisticated care for such patients since 1985. Our subacute patient care facilities are located in: Plymouth Meeting, Warrington, Mechanicsburg and coming soon to South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Starting first as a skilled nursing facility, Fox Subacute converted to a facility able to

Advancements in Ventilator Weaning Move Subacute Centers Patients’ Forward

Ventilator weaning was a huge key point that was discussed this year by the national medical community, mainly ways to improve the outcomes. The journal, Spinal Cord, as well as HospiMedica and guest speakers at the American Thoracic Society International Conference all weighed in on the topics. Among the most promising conversations were those that

Trach and Ventilator Patients: Treatment and Care

Tracheotomy and use of a medical ventilator are two common procedures for helping someone who has trouble breathing on their own. Tracheotomy A tracheotomy is a medical procedure, in which a surgeon cuts an incision on the front of the throat, between tracheal rings.  This incision creates an airway between the trachea and outside environment

Fox Subacute announces growth and expansion in 2016

Fox Subacute announces growth and expansion in 2016 Photo courtesy of Fox Subacute November 12, 2015 (Plymouth Meeting, PA) – Fox Subacute Management, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of a new post-acute skilled nursing facility in late spring of 2016. The new site, Fox Subacute at South Philadelphia will be located in the

Communication Tips for the Tracheotomy or Ventilator Patient

Communication Tips for the Tracheotomy or Ventilator Patient Imagine waking up one day and not being able to speak.  Feelings of anxiety, frustration, and fear would surely arise.  This is how a tracheotomy or ventilator patient feels. In order to make your Tracheotomy or Ventilator patient feel as comfortable as possible, it is vital to