Take a deep breath, now take another. Comes easy doesn’t it? Sometimes we take things like this for granted, because it comes so naturally. When you have a loved one on a ventilator following serious injury or illness, that is a luxury that they simply don’t have. If your loved one has reached a point of recovery when they can start the process of being weaned off the ventilator, then you absolutely have a reason to celebrate. You may also be anxious about the process and wonder how you can help, which is completely natural.

Ventilator Weaning

musicThere is evidence to suggest that playing music during the weaning process has several benefits. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Music lowers patient anxiety: Evidence suggests that playing music of the patient’s choice during ventilator weaning can contribute to measurable anxiety reduction. The weaning process is stressful, and listening to music can provide distraction and lower anxiety.
  • Music lowers family anxiety: Music won’t only help the patient, it can help the loved ones as well. Being a supportive family member during the process of ventilator weaning is stressful for you too. Music can help reduce your anxiety also.
  • Music may reduce recovery time: A recent study that tracked the influence of music on ventilator weaning found that recovery time was measurably decreased when music was played during the process. This will also have the added benefit of reducing cost by reducing recovery time.
  • Music has no negative side effects: With a serious injury or disease that requires mechanical ventilation, it is a relief to know that a non-invasive method as simple as music has a significant positive effect.

If your family member is ready to begin the ventilator weaning process, talk with us about using music to reduce their stress (and yours!) and help speed their recovery.

To request a tour or to address any questions you have, please contact Fox Subacute and let us show you how we can provide outstanding individualized care for your loved one.