12697089_10153526234997739_6186523841476566539_oJust one of the exciting things happening in Fox Subacute at Mechanicsburg is Bible Study. Three gentlemen come to Fox faithfully, every Monday at 1:00 p.m. and they have been coming here for at least 4 years. They are from the Cedar Hill Baptist Church in Dillsburg, PA. Their names are Gerry, Creedin and Bud (not in the photo). They started coming to Fox because Liz the Activities Director from years ago, called them and asked if someone would come to visit one of the residents. There was a woman here from West Virginia that wanted to speak to someone from a Baptist Church. After Gerry agreed to visit with the resident, he was asked to return and lead a Bible Study. He did and brought 2 friends with him from his church.

On my first day at Fox, there were only 2 residents at the group. Even though they did not have many residents participating in the past couple of years, they continued to visit and lead a Bible Study. I thought that a lot of residents were missing out on a great opportunity so I started to recruit and encourage residents to attend the Bible Study the following week. The Bible Study has grown over the past month and the residents are really enjoying it. The Bible Study begins with prayer and hymns. After that, Creedin and Bud go out to visit and offer spiritual support to the residents in their rooms. Gerry stays in the activities lounge and leads the Bible Study discussion. I join in the Bible Study group and they often ask me to end the group by singing a hymn. You can tell that the men from the Bible Baptist Church really care about the residents of Fox. What they do for the residents brings me to tears. At my previous job, I have asked several pastors and members of various churches to lead a Bible Study. Often times, they would show up a few times and then say that they were too busy or would not return my phone calls. So, I feel that we are VERY blessed to have Gerry, Creedin and Bud at Fox!!

-Ginger Lehrman, Activities Director at Fox Subacute at Mechanicsburg