On April 3, 2015, Fox Subacute celebrated their 2,000 resident admission to the Warrington facility.  This is a tremendous milestone considering the specialized care and treatment Fox Subacute provides. 

Fox Subacute is the first skilled nursing facility in the country to convert traditional nursing homes to sophisticated, subacute care facilities that exclusively service the post acute ventilator and trach collar dependent patient.  We specialize in providing progressive pulmonary services including ventilator weaning, rehabilitation services, and other subacute care such as dialysis, TPN and wound management.  Since 1985, Fox Subacute has gained a stellar reputation as the industry leader in caring for the respiratory patient.

Fox Subacute facilities are conveniently located in Warrington, Plymouth Meeting, and Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. And our highly trained team will ensure that our patients receive proper respiratory care and total systems care based on their own specific needs.  

Interested in visiting a Fox Subacute facility?  Please contact us to Schedule a Tour.