Summary: Linda’s Experience at Fox Subacute.
Transcript Linda:
Well my experience here has been challenging in the sense that I am doing a form of social work I’ve never done before and discovered that I truly love it. I’ve done previous forms of social work and I love working with these patients.
My typical day in-tales meeting new families, answering their questions, giving them tours, completing admission paperwork, also meeting with patients on a regular basis and asking them how are you feeling today- how are you acclimating, are there any issues, concerns, questions that your having that you want me to address? I assist with communication with families especially if they’re coming a distance for that can be problematic.
It’s absolutely thrilling to witness somebody find that inner strength they never knew they had and begin to celebrate, and really enjoy those small goals that turn into the larger goals of getting healthy and leaving here on to the next step in their care or even home. When I see that click occur in them that  “I ate today, I took my first bite of food that I’ve never had for months” or “I took a sip of water”. It’s simple things like that, that we all take for granted that you have to celebrate, that’s a basic need we all have and Lori can attest to that, it’s vital! And when we can do that we need to celebrate it, because in the bigger picture it helps to get to where you want to be.