Occupational Therapy 2You may say the words “occupational therapy” to your older loved one, and he or she may say, “Occupational therapy? Why do I need that?”

An occupational therapist is a professional who has been trained in making people’s lives better by giving them the opportunity to be as independent as they can again. An occupational therapist can also help adults be more productive on a daily basis.

An occupational therapist can help an elderly person who has been affected by the following:

  • A mental health condition
  • A physical condition
  • A minor or major injury
  • Any type of accident
  • A disability

Regardless of the illness or injury, an occupational therapist can be the link that is needed when your loved one is on the road to recovery. If your elderly loved one is faced with any type of mental or physical conditions, occupational therapy can help your loved one have a normal life again.

Your loved one will be able to learn how to do the following again:

  • Bathing
  • Getting dressed
  • Combing, brushing
  • Eating
  • Cooking

Occupational Therapy and your Loved one

When your loved one is going through occupational therapy sessions, the therapist will give your loved one the confidence he or she may have lost. With a new confidence level, your loved one will believe that he or she can do everything that is asked and will regain that independence he or she was seeking.

Occupational therapy sessions can be a great resource for your loved one, especially if he or she has lost the confidence in being independent. Contact us today to discover how occupational therapy can help your loved one live an independent life.