When you have a loved one recovering after spending a duration of time in a hospital, sometimes it’s not best to take your loved one home right away. They may need quite a bit of extra care to get back to where they used to be. We find this especially consistent for patients who suffered an injury, stroke, or other condition.  This extra bit of care is where physical therapy comes in.

  1. Physical therapy is a very common therapy to help restore range of motion, and most importantly, alleviate pain.  An article from the Lehigh Valley Health Network lists ten ways physical therapy can help. Here is a summary of a few of the ways:
  2. Physical therapy can reduce or get rid of pain. This is very important because no one wants their loved one in pain. Therapists do this by using electric stimulation and ultrasound to alleviate pain. Physical therapy includes hands-on treatment from the therapist and exercises for the patient to do.
  3. PT (physical therapy) improves mobility. Nothing is quite as frustrating for an individual as a loss of range of motion. Physical therapy can help a patient restore their ability to walk, stand, and move.
  4. PT helps stroke recovery. Often stroke patients lose some mobility and level of functioning. PT has the possibility to help return a stroke patient to where they used to be, or even make them stronger.
  5. PT helps age-related struggles. As people age, they often deal with osteoporosis or arthritis. MD Madalyn Schaefgen states in the article, “‘Physical therapy can effectively keep older patients more mobile and fit them with the appropriate walking device, if needed.'”

Additionally, physically therapy is a good treatment method to help treat individuals with ventilators, because they will use exercise to help build up their lung strength and even assists in their weaning efforts.

When you begin your physical therapy, you will be evaluated and have a plan developed to suit your needs and to fulfill the goals that you are capable of achieving. This means that you will be getting care that is tailored to you and your body. Physical therapy is a very useful medical rehabilitation therapy that can help to restore your quality of life.

These are just some of the ways physical therapy can help. At Fox Subacute, we incorporate Physical therapy to help with the recovery effort of our residents. Some residents are able to rehab, while other residents utilize physical therapy to assist with the debilitating effects of chronic conditions such as ALS or Muscular Dystrophy. Please contact us at Fox Subacute to speak with an admissions specialist today.