Message from Denise Braun, RRT


That is the sound of a ventilator and our Fox Subacute Mechanicsburg Respiratory Team hard at work! Fox Mechanicsburg Respiratory Therapists (RTs) are dedicated to giving patients excellent respiratory care.  Our quality respiratory care is in part from a tight-knit, hardworking, enthusiastic team. These RTs need to be recognized for the care they provide during this Respiratory Care Week 2014.

Day in and day out, Respiratory Therapists suction their way through… well, you know! RTs wade among the mist of a nebulizer treatment or troubleshoot problems.  All the while, RTs of Fox Mechanicsburg are continuously enhancing patients breathing by supplying  an extra breathe of life.

Thank you to the Respiratory Therapists at Fox Subacute Mechanicsburg for being dedicated, compassionate, and devoted.  YOU are acknowledged for always being there. Fox Subacute Mechanicsburg RTs…you take our breath away!

What a great message Denise!!  Fox Subacute would like to thank all of our Respiratory Therapists at our Mechanicsburg, Clara Burke, and Warrington facilities.  You rock!