The inability to breath is one of the most frightening experiences a person can face. According to a report by the Herald-Tribune, the average adult takes about 12-20 breaths per minute and in a day’s time this can add up to around 23,040 breaths.  These statistics are astounding to say the least and reveal just how little we ever really stop to consider how we breath. Breathing is easy and natural until it stops and we’re faced with cold fear and panic.

Trach and Ventilator Patients

As a result of certain illnesses or injuries, patients may require the aid of a tracheostomy or ventilator for either a short period of time or for a longer stretch of recovery. Using a trach or ventilator is often very unsettling and difficult, but with compassionate care this process is significantly easier. Fox Subacute aims to make these challenging procedures as easy and painless as possible for its trach and ventilator patients as they pursue the pathway of recovery.

For patients and their loved ones alike, it is difficult not knowing what to expect with the usage of a trach or ventilator. Careful monitoring of the recovery process is necessary for every patient. Within the first two to three days after the procedures, soreness and difficulty swallowing are the primary complaints. However, most patients experience improvement every day with proper care. By carefully monitoring pain medication and resting as prescribed, the initial healing stage progresses steadily.  

As patients recover, a daily maintenance schedule is necessary to ensure the proper function of the trach or ventilator. The nursing staff of Fox Subacute are well versed in both the care of the tracheal incision site, the stoma, and overall equipment function.  Both of these procedures require suctioning a minimum of three times a day to ensure the comfort and well-being of the patient. In addition, cleaning and maintaining the tracheal incision site three times daily protects the skin from irritation. These maintenance procedures and overall equipment care ensure the health of the patient and are vital to the path of recovery.

Fox Subacute’s staff prioritize the care of every trach and ventilator patient. While these circumstances are never easy, recovery and progress are obtainable goals in the lives of our patients. For additional information on patient care and facilities, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.