trach and ventilator patientsFox Subacute understands the sensitive medical care subacute patients need and has been providing sophisticated care for such patients since 1985. Our subacute patient care facilities are located in: Plymouth Meeting, Warrington, Mechanicsburg and coming soon to South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Starting first as a skilled nursing facility, Fox Subacute converted to a facility able to care for subacute patients including trach and ventilator patients. Our professional staff is well trained to give the proper care for trach and ventilator patients, and our facilities are set-up to help them be comfortable and recover quickly. We understand that this will be a hard road, and we make sure our residents do not have to walk it alone.

Trach and Ventilator Patients

Patients recently having had a tracheotomy (trach patients) are going to need care from an experienced and professional nursing staff. Reasons for a tracheotomy surgery are issues concerning breathing of the throat such as:

  •         To clean and remove secretions from the airway
  •         To bypass an obstructed airway above the surgery causing air to be cut off from lungs
  •         Cancers of the throat and neck
  •         Neck Inflammation
  •         Severe sleep apnea
  •         Acute Angioedema

Fox Subacute has the rooms, equipment, and trained nursing and respiratory staff to care for residents who’ve recently had a tracheotomy or need a ventilator. Getting used to talking, eating, drinking, and breathing for these residents is difficult, and our caring staff is experienced in helping their progress to recovery. We understand the dangers to guard against such as infections, secretions building in the throat that need to be suctioned out, and coping with the dry air which may cause irritation and excess mucus. But it is not just that we are experienced that makes us stand out, it is that we care for each one of our residents like they are family.

Here at Fox Subacute we have the ability to provide residents on ventilators (from tracheotomy surgery or not) the subacute care they need and the quality of life they deserve. No matter the length of time a resident is going to require a medical ventilator, we can adequately provide the tools necessary to facilitate their health and comfort in our facility. Every resident requires an individual assessment concerning the specifics of their subacute medical situation. Fox Subacute can help residents recover and also has caring programs to help wean patients off their ventilators if their medical situation calls for this.

We want to welcome trach and ventilator patients to our professional facilities, so they can let us take care of their sensitive medical needs. Our experienced and professional nursing staff is more than able to meet the standards of every individual patient with their specific care needs. At each of our  facilities, we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding state and federal regulations, as well as upholding the highest standards of care for complex medical patients such as trach and ventilator patients. If you’d like to tour our facilities and/or speak with us to learn more, than please contact us and we’ll be glad to help.