Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, dialysis is offered at the Mechanicsburg facility on a case-by-case basis.  Each is unique so it’s best to discuss this with the Admissions department for more specific information.

Yes all three of our Fox facilities have free Wifi for resident use.  The social worker can provide you with the password for access.

Upon admission, the social worker will evaluate the patient and determine a discharge plan with the cooperation of the family and the interdisciplinary team. Discharge planning is ongoing and adjusted depending on the patient’s needs. Homecare and required equipment are also ordered as needed.

Recreation therapy is offered daily for those residents who wish to participate.  We encourage all residents to get involved with daily activities for socialization and healing.  We offer community outings for those patients who are medically clear to do so.  Sensory stimulation is offered for those in need of neurologic stimulation.

We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy.  Each department evaluates the patient upon admission and develops a plan of care. The plan of care is adjusted as appropriate. The patient’s progress and goals are reviewed in our interdisciplinary care conference on an ongoing basis.

Each patient is on a ventilator that will alarm if the patient requires assistance. The alarm sounds at each nursing station and outside the entrance of each room. Each patient also has a call bell that is directly connected to a panel at the nursing station and lights are up outside each room. All patients that are assessed to need closer monitoring are kept in one of the units or a room closer to a nursing station. In addition, we also utilize pulse oximetry to monitor oxygen saturation

Our physicians are in our building 4-5 times a week to do rounds. Most patients are seen by the physicians once or twice a week.  The physician or physician representative also attends a weekly interdisciplinary team care conference meeting and they are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are also a variety of physicians that consult on our patients.  Our Chief Medical Officer is also available for any questions or concerns.

Our residents are routinely given a complete bed bath a minimum of 3 days per week, more often if needed. Partial baths are given the remaining days and shampoos are given 2 times a week. We take pride in full bed baths but welcome a shower when requested assuming there are no medical contradictions such as significant wounds.

All residents are encouraged to get out of bed based on a clinical decision. Participation in recreation therapy is encouraged for all.

Visiting hours are posted for 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM, but as a long-term care facility, arrangements can be made for visiting any time with consideration of other resident’s rights and needs.

Secondary insurance – If available, this would have been discussed during the admission process and would be a smooth transition through the Business Office.

Private Payment – If personal funds are available to cover the care at the current private pay rate, an invoice would be sent to the POA/Responsible Party at the beginning of the month.

Medicaid – If no personal funds are available according to the Department of Public Welfare regulations, the facility representative and POA/Responsible Party would begin the Medical Assistance (Medicaid) process.

The process of applying for Medicaid will be reviewed with families at admission as well as throughout their stay.  There are two reasons why Medicaid is reviewed.  The first reason is to determine if welfare can assist with billing should the patient still require medical care at the time their insurance ends.  The process of applying is involved and there are often welfare delays in processing so beginning the process early is important. The second reason is for discharge purposes as there are Medicaid funded community based waiver programs available to those who financially and medically qualify and are seeking to return home. Fox Subacute understands that applying for Medicaid can be very stressful and will offer guidance and support throughout the entire application process.

Our friendly admissions staff can help you to understand the costs and insurance options available to you.  Our admissions department works closely with the insurance companies in order to assist you and your family with an easy transition from the hospital to our facility.  We participate with a number of insurance policies and are willing to negotiate with the insurance companies that we are not contracted with.  For questions and concerns, please contact your facilities admission specialist.

At Fox Subacute, we provide the highest level of both short and long term ventilator care to our residents. Unlike other long-term care facilities, our family centered environment allows our caring and highly trained staff to maintain close relationships with their residents, while our facility’s renowned care allows for close ties with regional hospitals. Our licensed nurses and respiratory staff provide 24 hour individualized care to your loved one in a wide range of services. We know the recovery process can be challenging in many ways, and that it is new for everyone that enters our care.  We have an excellent track record of delivering the best care with the best possible outcomes. We work with our residents and families to establish an individualized plan, focus on the different levels of support they need, and ensure that they are getting the best possible quality of life while at Fox Subacute, either for the short term or the long term.

A subacute or post acute facility is a licensed, skilled nursing home that is equipped to deliver care to a patient when they have been discharged from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or some other acute setting.  Fox Subacute is such a facility which has specialized in caring for the ventilator dependent patient.  Our facility provides many services to fit the patient’s individual needs, ranging from short term care to long term care.