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As Medical Director for Fox Subacute, I would like to tell you about our health care facilities and the subacute medical care philosophy. We pride ourselves on the total care of a patient, and respecting them as people, ensuring that they live a quality life.  At Fox Subacute, we adhere to a holistic and personalized method of weaning, incorporating not only ventilator and trach collar care, but physical, occupational and speech therapy, recreational therapy, review of nutrition and emotional needs, and other ways to make the transition back to a normal quality of life as quickly as possible.

It is imperative that we assess each new patient prior to entering our facility to ensure that we provide the subacute medical care needed by each individual. We prepare our team and make the necessary coordinated efforts to care for our residents. At Fox Subacute, we believe in effectively weaning patients from ventilators. Please review the 4 major attributes of a regional weaning center.

Subacute Medical Care Summary of Services

  • Individualized medical evaluation
  • Prompt and attentive visits by physicians and nurse practitioners
  • Direct oversight of progress with individualized plans of care based on patient’s abilities.
  • Nephrology Consultations for our dialysis patients
  • Aggressive weaning when able and tolerated
  • Palliative care as needed

Fox Subacute isn’t just a facility, it’s the home of all of our residents.  The Medical Staff play an integral part to assuring proper health care.  Every family situation is unique and we look forward to learning more about your needs.  Schedule a tour and speak with our administrative specialists.  We’ll be happy to discuss your options and help you coordinate the next best steps.

We look forward to meeting with you and your family!

Dr. Cary Cummings III, MD
Medical Director of Mechanicsburg

Dr. Gerald A. Meis, DO
Medical Director of Philadelphia

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