A Respite Care Facility Cares About Caregivers

Every year, there's a list that appears on the Internet: "The Five (or ten or twelve) Most Stressful Jobs." The jobs are predictable: firefighter, law enforcement officer, combat soldier and such. But there's one that rarely, if ever makes the list, yet deserves to rank near or at the top -- and that is a

Thinking of Respite Care for a loved one with a Spinal Cord Injury? Consider How Important Exercise is at a Skilled Nursing Center

You have suffered from a severe spinal cord injury that has decreased your mobility and overall strength. Although this is a difficult time, and you may want to just stay at home, you need to do what you can to stay in shape. Performing exercises at a skilled nursing center is vital to your health. Why

Why Diabetic Monitoring Is Important During Ventilator Weaning

If your loved one has been diagnosed with diabetes, it is essential that they undergo diabetic monitoring during the ventilator weaning process. While glucose monitoring is routinely performed on all diabetic patients, it may be more acutely monitored when the ventilator-dependent patient is weaning off mechanical ventilation. Here are three reasons tight control over blood

Find a Brain Injury Treatment Center in Pennsylvania

Brain injuries are a challenge to overcome. But it makes a huge difference to have a brain injury treatment center on your side. Fox Subacute is a world-class nursing care facility with several locations in Pennsylvania: in Plymouth Meeting, Warrington, and Mechanicsburg. We accept post-acute but medically complex situations. Someone recovering from a brain injury

How Physical Therapy Can Help Your Balance

Physical therapy is often an excellent tool for assessing a wide range of health problems in seniors. In fact, physical therapy can actually help restore your balance and get your back on your feet again. Assess Where Your Problem Originates Balance problems are a complex situation that can be caused by multiple problems. A physical

Pet Therapy As A Short and Long Term Rehabilitation Services

If you are looking for short and long term rehabilitation services for muscular or neurological concerns, it's worth thinking about pet therapy. You'd be surprised at how much a dog or cat can help you or a loved one recover from these painful and debilitating conditions. The Many Physical And Mental Health Benefits Of Pet Therapy

The Need For Stroke Rehabilitation

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), 700,000 Americans suffer from strokes each year. Although strokes range in severity, around two-thirds of people survive and require extensive rehabilitation. The Effects of a Stroke Strokes damage the brain, so rehabilitation requires re-teaching the body the skills that were operated by the part

The Path of Recovery for Trach and Ventilator patients

The inability to breath is one of the most frightening experiences a person can face. According to a report by the Herald-Tribune, the average adult takes about 12-20 breaths per minute and in a day’s time this can add up to around 23,040 breaths.  These statistics are astounding to say the least and reveal just

Occupational Therapy vs. Physical Therapy

When you’re working with numerous specialists during your rehabilitation journey, it can be confusing to keep track of what each person does. This is especially true if you’re not already familiar with each of the professions that are part of your rehabilitative team. In particular, many people are unsure about how physical therapists and occupational

Skilled Nursing Facility in PA Provides Help to Patients with SMA

Skilled nursing facilities that provide care for individuals with degenerative neurological and neuromuscular diseases deal with a wide array of patients who are all facing different challenges. One disease that they often see is spinal muscular atrophy. On the surface it may seem like one disease but in reality, it comes in a handful of