Why Fox Subacute?

Due to our experience in caring for the medically complex ventilator/ trach collar patient outside of the hospital, Fox Subacute has developed a model of care that has proven to be the best road to recovery with quality of life for the respiratory patient.

We focus on the whole patient, utilizing a skilled medical/rehabilitation team of professionals working together with the patient and family to provide an individualized care plan for the long term post acute patient . Medical management of the patient, including ventilator weaning is addressed progressively while the quality of life and the spiritual-psycho-social component of the individual are also considered priorities.

Healthcare is a people business.  Each Fox Subacute Center provides not only a beautiful environment conducive to recovery, but also creates an atmosphere of contentment and peace of mind with our trained, friendly and caring staff.

At Fox, we believe good communication is essential for a good outcome; therefore we utilize the Interdisciplinary Patient Care Conference along with our administrative specialists to assure that all patient and family questions and concerns are answered completely and promptly.  To alleviate any added stress, the Fox admissions coordinators/case managers work closely with the patient’s insurer by managing benefits while the patient is being cared for at our centers.

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