Secondary insurance – If available, this would have been discussed during the admission process and would be a smooth transition through the Business Office.

Private Payment – If personal funds are available to cover the care at the current private pay rate, an invoice would be sent to the POA/Responsible Party at the beginning of the month.

Medicaid – If no personal funds are available according to the Department of Public Welfare regulations, the facility representative and POA/Responsible Party would begin the Medical Assistance (Medicaid) process.

The process of applying for Medicaid will be reviewed with families at admission as well as throughout their stay.  There are two reasons why Medicaid is reviewed.  The first reason is to determine if welfare can assist with billing should the patient still require medical care at the time their insurance ends.  The process of applying is involved and there are often welfare delays in processing so beginning the process early is important. The second reason is for discharge purposes as there are Medicaid funded community based waiver programs available to those who financially and medically qualify and are seeking to return home. Fox Subacute understands that applying for Medicaid can be very stressful and will offer guidance and support throughout the entire application process.